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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is upholstery cleaning necessary?

    Sofas and couches are the heart of your living area. You definitely don’t want them to be dusty and full of germs. Thus timely cleaning by professional heads is a must.
  • Which is the best method to clean my carpets?

    Steam cleaning is by far the best method of cleaning your carpets. You will find that nearly all carpet manufactures will recommend steam cleaning. Dry cleaning only provides a surface clean and is designed as a maintenance for lightly soiled carpet.
  • Is the carpet left very wet?

    No, the carpet will feel damp and cold but should be dry enough to walk on, however it is best to restrict unnecessary traffic until the carpet dries. The technician will place foam blocks under the legs of furniture to prevent staining. Carpet which has a fibre protectant applied immediately after cleaning will be left wetter than normal to absorb the protectant and will take longer to dry. job.
  • How can I change the date and time of my service?

    Just call us and we will change it for you
  • What if it’s a bank holiday or a Weekend?

    There are no extra charges for bank holidays or weekends.
  • Which type of upholstery cleaning you provide?

    From L shape sofas to commercial couches, every type is covered by our experts. From cleaning to sanitizing all process are covered.
  • What is the Satisfaction Guarantee?

    We use a checklist system and a rating system to ensure that you always receive a high quality clean. Cleaners have to follow a set checklist for general home cleaning services. After the cleaning service is complete, we’ll send you an email so you can rate the quality of your service and provide feedback to the cleaners.
  • How many cleaners will come to my home?

    That depends on which of our cleaners are available in your area at the time and day you’ve requested the service to take place. For bond cleaning it’s usually a minimum of 2 cleaners, which means it will take half the the time quoted.
  • How can I get a quote?

    All you need to do is fill in the booking form and you’ll get a quote instantly.
  • Does carpet steam cleaning remove stains?

    No, carpet steam cleaning machines are not really designed to remove stains. While carpet steam cleaning can remove light, superficial stains that have recently been added to the carpet, it is not the purpose of carpet steam cleaning and we do not guarantee the removal of any stains.

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